How mom made a puzzle 1000 pieces in less than 4 hours ?

How mom made a puzzle 1000 pieces in less than 4 hours ?

How mom made a puzzle 1000 pieces in less than 4 hours ?

It's 3:30 p.m. when someone rings the doorbell. It's the delivery man and he has just dropped off the brand new puzzle that mom had recently ordered on

She happily picks up her package,  gets on the gaming table, activates her stopwatch and Click! Let's go! 

With a sudden movement, I see her quickly unpacking her package to access the 1000 pieces of the puzzle. To my great surprise, the pieces have already been sorted by color and grouped into different small nylon pieces.

jigsaw puzzle sorted casse tete

Usually, 100% of the puzzles she used to buy came with pieces mixed up and out of order. She didn't especially like having to sort the pieces then, so I saw the satisfaction on her face a puzzle that comes with pieces already sorted by color.

She now has to concentrate on putting the pieces together.  According to her, this method saves her at least 1 hour.

Then I notice that each piece is identified by a letter on the back. This is the very first time I see these letters. Mom told me that these letters allow me to automatically recognize when a piece is in the right or wrong place so that I can eliminate errors.

puzzle piece coded backside casse tete

At 3:45 p.m., she begins to assemble the edges of the puzzle and then the pieces of the same color to form the large parts of the picture. The assembly is very easy because the pieces are very well cut, solid, and they fit together easily. Also, there is no dust inside the box.

For about 3 hours, she had fun assembling the pieces by colors and filling the empty spaces. Little by little, I see the final image of the puzzle appearing. This beautiful drawing is accompanied by very nice colors on quality pieces.

Thanks to the sorted puzzles, she discovers a new approach to solving the puzzle. A new strategy that is more efficient, more interesting and compatible to everyone regardless of the level of difficulty.

After 3 hour and 45 minutes of play, at 7:15 pm, she jumps for joy when she puts down the last piece of the puzzle. Mom is proud to have succeeded in the challenge and especially to have beaten her own record which was a puzzle of 1000 pieces in 8 hours.

latest piece puzzle

What about you ? Are you able to meet the challenge of making 1000 pieces in less than 4 hours with our puzzle puzzgo?